Choose eco-friendly EcoSix™ recycled resins from RAPAC to make your company more sustainable and profitable.

Choose EcoSix

From plush toys and food packaging, to bean bags and home insulation, EcoSix recycled resins help companies make products more economical and eco-friendly. RAPAC diverts scrap polystyrene from landfills and recycles it into better-than-new EPS and PS resins. 

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Earth-friendly EcoSix saves money

What’s good for the environment is also good for your company’s profitability. EcoSix recycled resins actually cost less than newly created polystyrene.

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EcoSix resins can be used again and again

EcoSix resins can be recycled after they’re used – infinitely.  

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As good as new – or even better 

By choosing EcoSix recycled resins, you can do the right thing without compromising quality. Independent testing proves that EcoSix recycled resins perform as well or better than new polystyrene. 

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Make EcoSix part of your product’s story

Tell your customers that you’re doing the world a favor by using EcoSix recycled resins. They’ll be glad to hear it. 

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100% American made

EcoSix resins are recycled in the United States. When you purchase EcoSix products from RAPAC, you’re supporting jobs and economic development in communities here at home. 

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If you care about saving money while also doing something good for the environment and future generations, choose EcoSix recycled resins.

To learn how EcoSix products can benefit your business, contact us.