Our EcoSix™ portfolio provides versatility and sustainability for almost any application.

EcoSix EPS Products

Loose Fill - Loose fill designed for void fill applications offered in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes to match your specific needs. 

Filler Bead - Designed lightweight-but-tough filler bead for your bean bag and furniture.

Drain Bead - A highly engineered resin designed for efficient flow and load bearing requirements used in drainage system applications. It is an environmentally friendly replacement to traditional stone made from recycled materials rather than mined natural resources.

Expandable Polystyrene - RAPAC can produce EPS recycled polystyrene resins according to your demanding requirements. Just tell us what you need. 

Safety Data Sheet for EcoSix EPS Products

EcoSix PS Products

General Purpose Polystyrene – RAPAC offers blends of resins designed to meet your food contact or non-food contact applications.

Proprietary Products – Our team stands ready to develop and deliver the unique polystyrene resin to meet your specific chemical and physical requirements. 

Safety Data Sheet for EcoSix PS Products