RAPAC is your source for high-performance products. 
When you need the versatility of polystyrene resins and the sustainability of recycled content, turn to RAPAC.

Loose Fill - RAPAC produces various shapes of loose-fill for the leading converters around the world. These loose-fill products can be made with color and shape variations designed to meet your market needs.

Filler Bead - RAPAC's lightweight bead is ideal as a filler for a variety of products, including affordable furniture. This tough bead will add life to your bean bag product while reducing your cost.

General Purpose Polystyrene – RAPAC can formulate various blends of general-purpose polystyrene designed to meet your specific chemical and physical requirements.

Expandable Polystyrene - RAPAC has the capability to produce gassed polystyrene resins with different properties all designed to meet your demanding requirements. Give us a call today!

Proprietary Products – Our operations and development teams stands ready to help your meet your unique needs.