With EcoSix recycled resins, RAPAC emerges as the largest recycler of polystyrene in the U.S. 

With our innovative EcoSix™ portfolio, we provide companies worldwide with a diverse range of recycled polystyrene resins. We are also one of the world's largest providers of loose fill packaging. Our ever-expanding EcoSix™ portfolio offers both gassed and nongassed products, as well as proprietary, custom resins for a multitude of industries and applications.

The EcoSix Promise:

We pledge to always provide these six benefits to our customers:

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High-quality products

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Innovative thinking and solutions

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Excellent customer service

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Outstanding technical support

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Sustainability at the highest level

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An unwavering commitment to community



Ring Container Technologies is a sister company of RAPAC. Ring helps companies achieve efficiencies in plastic packaging for a wide range of consumer products. As a leader in packaging innovation, Ring helps customers achieve or exceed their packaging goals while reducing the amount of resin required for production.